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South India's Largest Water Tanks Selling Brand in India. Suki Water Solutions® providing a wide range of products in Water Tanks, Pipes and Fittings needed to make your life comfortable and happy. We constantly worked on improving product quality to embark on the trust we have with our customers. SUKI Water Solutions Products-01 Our Products Contact Us

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Quality & Trust are not just words for us. We constantly worked on improving product quality to embark on the trust we have with our customers.
With over 15 years of experience and building a reputation based on dedication, integrity, teamwork, and continuous growth, Suki Water Solutions, and Agarwal Water Tanks make their mark in the chosen domain. We at SUKI Water Solutions have embraced this trust that makes us the No.1 choice for water solutions. From our nascent decades as South-India’s most trusted water solutions company, we have cherished and practiced this commitment.
Toll Free No. 1800 890 4771

Agarwal Water Tanks "Mazbooti ki asli Pariksha"

With more than 20 years of experience providing customers with cost-effective storage tank applications.
Agarwal Water Tanks is a leading supplier of plastic water and industrial tanks in India. We have been in the plastic tank business since 2000 and built a solid reputation in the market. Agarwal Water Tanks prides itself on providing its clients with a wide selection of high-quality plastic tanks, friendly and professional staff, fast-operating customer support, excellent service, and most importantly the lowest prices.
  • Unbreakable
  • Threaded Lid (Ring Design)
  • Double-Super Strong
  • Revolutionary Design
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • High Density-Poly Hygiene
  • Available from 300 to 5000 Ltrs.
  • Double to Five Layers Quality

What we offer

Our extensive inventory of Pipes, Fittings, and Water Tanks match any need in the processing, energy, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, industries, or just for residential. Whether it’s for service in high - or low - temperature settings, Suki Water Solutions Products has the strongest inventory of the right pipe at the right schedule with the right specs in our yards, ready to ship today.

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